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Professionally produced video content for your online marketing, selling, and learning initiatives!

Mobile Studio

Our mobile app puts the power of video production and distribution in the palm of your hand!


Automatically push your video content to your online marketing, selling, and learning platforms!


Repurpose your videos into professional audio for podcasting or transcribe them to create ebooks!


The Power of Rapid, High-Quality Video Production and Distribution to Your Relevant Platforms is Now in Your Hands!

The App

Your Hand-Held Video Production Studio

Rapidly create, edit, and distribute HD quality video.  This powerful app features simple but powerful editing tools and the ability to distribute your video to your social channels or upload the video to our design team for further video editing and distribution.  Once you download the app for your IOS or Android device, you'll have the power of iBreakthrough's production studio right in the palm of your hands!

The Teleprompter

The App Features a Built-In Teleprompter

The app features a built-in teleprompter.  Our writers can build a perfect script for you and push it right to the app in your cell phone.  You can edit the script and read from it while filming.  You can even change the font size and scrolling speed.  Of course, you don't have to use teleprompter,  You can simply wing it if you're more comfortable doing so.

The Editor

Editing Features Built Right In or Send It to Us

After you've shot the video, it's time for a quick edit.  Inside the app we've included some simple but powerful editing features.  You can size your video for distribution on different social channels, you can add lower thirds to it, you can even add your logo.  Afterwards, you can push the video out to your favorite social channels with one click.  Or, send it to us with one click to set your video on fire with our professional design elements!

Our Design Pros

One-Click Submit to Our Design Team

Once you're satisfied with the video you shot, you may choose to do some basic edits yourself before downloading it or sharing it to your social platforms.  You could also choose to submit the video to our design team with a single click within the app.  Our design pros will turn your video into an eye-catching piece of content that will captivate your audience!  We'll add logo animations, intros, outros, kinetic type, subtitles, filters, images, emojis, other video content, and more to your video to captivate your audience!


iBreakthrough's Video Hosting Platform

Once our design team has completed it's magic, we'll distribute your video to our hosting platform.  From there we'll provide you a link to share your video or an embed code so you can embed the video on your website.  You can also download the video if you prefer.

Custom Players

iBreakthrough's Custom Video Players

Our customized video player solutions bring your videos to life with features including:  Custom Branding, Playlists, Mass Personalization, Email Gates, Share Gates, Phone Gates, Pay-Per-View Gates, Video Hotspots, Calls-to-Action, Video Funnels, Dynamic Interactions, Watch-and-Win Contests, Evergreen "Live" Streaming, On-Finish Actions, Pre- and Post-Roll Ads, Video SEO, and More!  Our custom players can be embedded on your website to engage your visitors!


iBreakthrough Video Distribution

In addition to our video hosting and customized video player solutions, we can also distribute your videos directly to their intended platform destinations.  Platforms could include your website, blog, social channels, on personalized webpages for specific customers, inside your online courses, and more.  By the way, these are all platforms we can build and manage for you!


Incredible Websites DFY or DIY

We'll build you an incredible website and add your videos to it, or you can use our next-generation SiteBuilder to design your own incredible website!  If you'd like to try the do-it-yourself option, we offer a 14-day free trial on SiteBuilder.  Click here to get started!


A Done-for-You Video Blogging Platform

Our blogging platform is a stand-alone solution that can easily be added to your existing website as a subdomain.  Your blog will act as a hub for your content marketing efforts.  We'll publish your video content to your blog (or vlog - video blogging platform) and instantly distribute it to your relevant social channels.

For Sales Pro's

Personalized, Client-Specific Videos

Selling has changed.  More than half of all sales reps are missing their quotas.  We can fix that.  The next-generation of selling is social selling and at it's very heart is the effective use of personalized video in the sales process.  We give sales reps the power to shoot a personalized, client-specific video on their cell phone.  Then, submit it to us for editing and we'll add your company's logo stinger, filters, and other design elements.  We can even add your company's specific content.  Then we'll create a private, client-specific url for you to share your video and even provide a call to action!  Your client will be amazed and you'll close more sales!


Push Your Videos Into an Online Course

iBreakthrough Learning creates custom-built online courses in privately-branded online learning centers for our clients.  Our interactive courses feature in-app note-taking, downloadable resources, chat, commenting, ticker tape notices, side-bar ads, and more.  Our courses are also fully gamified allowing participants to earn points, badges, and rewards as they unlock new modules and complete challenges.  They can also see their names on the leaderboard to promote healthy competition.  We instantly add your videos to course modules for easy course creation!


Virtual Conference Solutions

We all know that conferences bring together a powerful mix of host organizations, sponsors, expert speakers, product showcases, and of course an eager audience of attendees.  Now we can move those incredible events online with iBreakthrough Summits!  For our summits, we capture our speakers on video using the app or other platforms for interviews or panels, then add their videos to our summit platforms where attendees can attend anytime, anywhere with wifi access!


Client Video Testimonials and Reviews

Videos shot by your customers using your app can also be a powerful application of our system.  Have your customer shoot the video using your app and submit it to your social platforms yourself or upload it to our designers and we'll add powerful production elements to it.  When combined with our online reviews management platform, you have a powerful one-two punch for promoting your reputation online!


Add Video to Interactive Content

We can also add your videos to interactive content like choose-your-own adventure videos, surveys, polls, quizzes, calculators, appointment-setting apps, and chat bots.  iBreakthrough Interactive can design any of these elements for you.


Turn Your Videos Into Podcasts & Ebooks

iBreakthrough can also take your video content and repurpose it.  That means we can pull the audio and ad professional audio production elements that you can use in a podcast.  We can also transcribe your video into text and use it to build a beautifully formatted ebook that you can use as a lead magnet or that you can sell online on Amazon or in our own ebook store.  Our ebooks can be translated into just about any language on Earth as well.  Now you can become a published author simply by shooting a video on your phone!

Original Productions

Professionally Produced Stories and Ads

iBreakthrough Stories produces powerful video content for storytelling and online advertising.  Stories can be produced in long-form content featuring whiteboards, kinetic text, character animations, and more or in brief video lists.  We also produce powerful and compelling video ads to build your brand.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Highest Quality Customer Service

Our job is to make you look great in every way.  We help you shine by producing high quality video that originates from your phone or our studios then we deploy it across your relevant platforms for maximum impact.  You'll have a dedicated chat support from 9am-5pm PT ensuring your projects rock!  We guarantee your satisfaction every time!

Download our app.  We'll write you a script and push it to your phone.  You can access the script in the built in teleprompter within the app when shooting your video.  The scripting and teleprompter are optional of course.  You can feel free to go off the cuff if you prefer.  Once your video is shot and you're satisfied with it, simply click "Submit."  You can add your own production elements like choosing the video size and dimensions for distribution on different channels, lower thirds, and your logo.  You can instantly share your video on social media if you'd like.    You can also take your video to the next level by submitting it to our video designers with a single click.  Our professional designers will add rich production elements to your video like custom logo animations, intros and outros, filters, and more.  We can even add custom interactions like share gates, play lists, and more.  Once we've done our thing with your video, we'll push it out to the platforms of your choice, including your website, your blog, social media, to a specific client on a personalized video page, into an online course, a virtual summit, and more.  We can build any of these platforms for you or you can simply grab the embed code yourself or download your completed video and push it out as you like.   We can even repurpose your video into a professionally produced audio you can use for podcasting or an ebook that you can share as a lead magnet, sell on Kindle or in our own ebook store.  From online marketing and selling to online courses and virtual summits, and even to content repurposing for podcasts and ebooks, iBreakthrough gives you the power to build an unstoppable business right from your cell phone!   


Whether Your Company is Large or Small, You Can Join the Best Companies in the World at iBreakthrough!

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