Change the Game to Win the Game in Your Competitive Market


Access Our Strategic Consulting Program to Change the Game and Win the Game in Your Competitive Market!


We start with an analysis of your market opportunities, the obstacles to seizing the most lucrative opportunities, and the current structure of your business and marketing for navigating beyond those obstacles to realize those market opportunities.


We review the findings of our analysis with your executive team or business owners.  The review provides valuable insight, rich discussion, and a unique moment in time to identify opportunities for changing the game and winning the game in your competitive market. 


From our review we'll identify clear opportunities that must be acted upon.  For each of those opportunities we'll set some important goals for what we want to achieve and by when.


With our goals in place, we'll work on a concise step-by-step game plan for achieving those goals. We'll assign responsibilities for tasks to members of your organization and we'll define the role that iBreakthrough will play in the process as well.


We all know it's one thing to have a game plan, it's another to execute it.  We'll make sure our action items are being properly executed, on time, and keep track of our progress toward our goals.  


Things always look a little different in execution than they did in game planning so it's important to be agile.  We'll learn quickly what's working and what isn't and make adjustments as we go to improve our ability to execute.


We're passionate about getting results so we love scoreboards.  We'll measure our results and provide reporting on a consistent basis.


We'll analyze our results, learn from them, and identify opportunities for improvement on both an incremental and a breakthrough basis.  In other words, we'll begin the cycle anew by setting new goals that build upon our momentum and expand upon our success.

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Grow Your Business.  Increase Profitability.


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