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Websites & Funnels

iBreakthrough builds incredible websites and sales funnels, quickly and cost-effectively using the world's best site-builder tool! The iBreakthrough Website & Funnel Builder is changing the game in website and high-conversion sales funnel development!  Prefer to build it yourself?  Go for it!  Our next-generation builder awaits you.  Discover the power of an iBreakthrough website or funnel to build your authority, increase your sales and grow your business! 

Video Platforms & Content

By 2021 over 80% of all internet traffic will be video!  We've got you covered!  iBreakthrough's Video Player, iBreakthrough Summits, and iBreakthrough Courses are great places to deploy video.  iBreakthrough Studios can create great video for you and even repurpose it into audio and ebook formats!

Chat & Messenger Bots

There are over 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger.  Messenger is an incredibly powerful way for you to build your subscriber list and connect to your customers online or on mobile.  Chat Bots can be great for greeting your visitors and interacting with them when they're on your site. iBreakthrough's Bot Shop builds interactive Messenger and Chat Bots to grow your business!

Social Media

iBreakthrough Social leverages online social networks to generate high-quality leads and new customers for your business.  We provide paid social advertising, retargeting, and organic marketing solutions for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to grow your business.  We also help grow your business through existing customers and referrals using the viral properties of iBreakthrough Contests, which reward your audience for sharing your business with others.

Paid Advertising

Whether it be in Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, our proprietary software tools give us deep insight into online advertising.  This insight eliminates much of the guess work in ad design and targeting, allowing us to maximize the return on your ad investment in unprecedented ways.  Discover the power of iBreakthrough Advertising to achieve an unfair competitive advantage in your business!

Voice & Text Messaging

iBreakthrough Voice brings the power of automated calling to your marketing arsenal.  Our system calls your list and leaves a voice message without the phone ringing.  This is a polite way of leaving a voice message without interrupting the call recipient.  iBreakthrough Text Messaging allows you to deliver text messages anytime to your customer's phone with special offers and alerts!  You can even deliver trackable coupons, run VIP clubs, send automated text birthday gifts, and more!

Game-Changing Strategies

iBreakthrough Consulting will work with you to develop a winning formula for your business.  From strategy, to marketing and selling, to product launches, to our affiliate and lead generation programs, to customer engagement and referrals, to training and development; we'll help you to leverage digital to change the game and to win the game in your competitive market! 

Online Courses

iBreakthrough Learning delivers powerful online courses and webinars on topics ranging from technology to business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, selling, negotiating, and much more!  Be sure to subscribe below to receive email invitations to upcoming events!  

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