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So, how good a negotiator are you?  Try your hand at negotiating with Vinny, our virtual negotiator in an online negotiating case study!  It's interactive, fun, and a great opportunity to improve your negotiating skills. IF you're able to negotiate an agreement with Vinny before time runs out, you'll even earn a reward!  Try it now, it's FREE!


Built on our next-generation, fully-gamified online learning platform, Breakthrough Negotiating is an incredible online learning experience!  You'll unlock the course one module at a time and at your own pace, earning points, badges, and rewards as you go.  You'll also appreciate the opportunity to take notes right inside the application, download and access resources, participate in real world negotiations, even earn your own certificate of completion!  Breakthrough Negotiating Online is the Ultimate Online Negotiation Training Experience.


Participate in our LIVE online webinars and you'll even have the opportunity to negotiate with other participants in a live case study.  These two hour online sessions are powerful ways to build your negotiating skills quickly!


Our two-day in-house Breakthrough Negotiating seminars are our flagship offering for negotiation skills training.  These highly-engaging classroom-based courses are consistently rated "The best training program I've ever attended!" by course participants.  Seminars are delivered in private sessions on an in-house basis and publicly at the incredible Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in beautiful Simi Valley, CA.


For your most important negotiations, one's that you know are of such a significant dollar value or of such high strategic importance, it's crucial that your planning and preparation provides the best possible opportunity to succeed.  For these "high-stakes" negotiations we offer our Breakthrough Negotiating Coaching program.  Click on the button below to learn more.


Another great way to discover the power of Breakthrough Negotiating is to read the book.  Breakthrough Negotiating is available in Kindle and in print format.  You can learn more about the book and order your copy today by clicking on the button below.


For negotiations that happen over and over again in your organization or for ones that might be complex in nature where determining appropriate tradeoffs can be difficult, it can help a great deal to have a tool.  Our Breakthrough Negotiating Decision Tools provide clarity and guidance on key decisions and tradeoffs in the negotiating process that empower your negotiators to make better choices and to negotiate better agreements as a result.


Looking to rapidly improve the negotiating skills of your organization on an enterprise level?  Our Breakthrough Negotiating Enterprise solution is a customized solution comprised of in-person seminars, webinars, custom-built tools, and a privately-branded online learning center.  Our Enterprise negotiating solution is a powerful way to improve the profitability of your organization.

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