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Discover How We Help You Use Online Media and Social Marketing to Achieve Increased Growth and Profitability


Live events, interviews, panel discussions, shows, movies, explainer videos, animations, advertisements, courses, and more - IBREAKTHROUGH is your professional digital video production solution.


Cloud-based, super high-speed, auto-optimized, HD videos to 4K videos, 360 videos, native or stream any of your videos or other videos you have the rights to from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, and more.  


Branded players, embed on your website, share on social, customized controls, custom frames, calls-to-action, markers, smart playback, video float, custom start/end times, and more!


Let us organize your videos into dynamic playlists and courses.  Our playlists can be embedded behind membership paywalls or protected using our video gate features.  Our online courses can be fully-gamified allowing participants to earn points, badges, and rewards as they progress through the learning.


Require viewers to enter a valid email address, or to share the video with others on social media, or to enter their mobile number and receive an SMS message, or to enter a password, or to purchase, in order to watch your video or watch the remainder of your video after a preview.


Branching videos provide viewers an interactive viewing experience.  Like a choose-your-own-adventure book, viewers are given choices during the video that allow them to interact with the video.  Their selections determine what happens next.  This is a great way to build sales funnels or interactive video games.


Add powerful calls to action including clickable buttons, text, images, email collector forms, tap to call icons and any other custom element that appears in the video at the precise moment you choose.


Encourage your viewers to watch all the way to the end of your videos giving them an opportunity to win a prize or reward at the end of the video.  Our Watch-and-Win contests allow you to automatically enter your viewers into contests and deliver digital rewards when they watch and share your videos. 


Audiences love live events!  Our Pre-Taped Live Events allow you to set up pre-recorded videos to play live at specific dates and times automatically.  Great for pre-recorded daily or weekly shows, evergreen webinars, and more!


Our proprietary online research platform allows us to identify exactly where your ideal audience is right now.  Our powerful listening engine also allows us to identify conversations going on in real time across the web and to instantly place eye-catching video ads in front of those people looking for what you sell right now.  We also offer pre- and post-roll advertising opportunities as well as in-video overlay ad opportunities.


We take your anchor content and long-form videos and repurpose them by chopping them into small bites that we package perfectly for different social platforms, all of which drive traffic back to your anchor content and conversion funnels.


Our digital video and social marketing solutions will build your audience and your customer list.  This is important because we all know that success is in your list.  We can provide email, sms/text, and remarketing opportunities to follow-up, and build relationships with those who watch your videos.


HLS encryption makes your videos almost impossible to download or steal.  Password protection, domain restrictions, view-once IP limitations, and private sharing links mean your videos are secure.


We keep track of key analytics to to measure our progress and to continuously improve our approach.  Our analytics give us deep insights into viewer profiles, dates and locations of viewing, devices used, rewatches, drop-offs, interactions, heat maps, split A/B testing results, and more! 


In many cases today, especially from a social media marketing perspective, people prefer to watch videos without sound. Our captioning services allow your audience to conveniently read along with the subtitles. Further we can transcribe your videos for repurposing the text into ebooks and other useful documents.


As part of our captioning services, we can also translate those captions into over 100 different languages.  For all of our captions we can also employ our advanced text-to-speech engine allowing viewers to hear the captioning being spoken to them.


Our online training courses and webinars provide insight in video production, online marketing strategies, innovation, and how to otherwise change the game to win the game in your competitive market!


Our team of experts are uniquely qualified to combine digital video, online marketing, and competitive strategy to help your organization to achieve growth and increase profitability.  Our one-on-one consulting programs and innovative partnering opportunities give your organization a distinct competitive advantage.


iBreakthrough offers a powerful suite of solutions to power your online marketing efforts from all angles including website-building, sms/text campaigns, facebook messenger marketing, referral campaigns, fundraising, interactive content, and much more!

Reach Your Audience Anytime, Anywhere!

Grow Your Business.  Increase Profitability.


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