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Forget YouTube. Do Away with Old-School Video Hosting. Discover the First True Video Marketing Platform!

Ultra-Fast Video Hosting and Marketing Platform

Tired of Ads Running on Your YouTube Videos That Distract Your Viewers?

Tired of Losing Clients to YouTube's Related Videos?

Tired of Expensive Video Hosting Solutions Devoid of Any Real Marketing Features?

So Were We.

Introducing iBreakthrough Video!

Simple and POWERFUL!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Add Video

Simply add your video by uploading directly to the platform, or by grabbing the url of any video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Others.

Step 2: Customize

With a few clicks you can customize your video player to match your brand, and add a TON of interactions that turn your video into a marketing machine!

Step 3: Publish & Profit

Grab the embed code, publish it on any website, share it in social media, send links in an email to your iBreakthrough Video page, and grow your business!

One-of-a-Kind Features

Easy to Add Video

Via direct uploads or URLs from YouTube, Vimeo, and others, adding your videos is easy!

No More Leakage

Stop losing and leaking clients to YouTube ads and related videos that distract your viewers.

More Leads & Sales

With calls-to-action and buy-now buttons built in, you'll generate more leads and make more sales!

Free Hosting

Includes free video hosting up to 100GB per month.  It's a video hosting & marketing platform in one!

Ad-Free Videos

Maximize the engagement of your viewers by eliminating the distraction of unnecessary ads.


Our powerful analytics give you deep insights into how your videos are performing.

Customizable Player

The video player is completely customizable to your brand from your logo to your colors, styling, and more!

Timeline Editor

Drag and drop any of your selected interactions onto the timeline to appear whenever you want.

50+ Interactions

With over 50 marketing interactions possible in our video player, you'll be blown away by what's possible!

Lightning Fast

Our lightning fast video delivery system will pre-load your videos to eliminate buffering.

Video Pages

Every video you create has it's own private page created automatically so you can share instantly!


All our videos and pages are fully responsive so they can be viewed on any mobile device!

Why Video?

If you're not using video for your marketing, you could be losing out to your competition.  Here's a few reasons why...


Cisco reports that video will represent over 80% of internet traffic by 2021.


According to Forbes 90% of consumers say video helps them make buying decisions.


According to Forbes 64% of consumers say video makes them more likely to buy.


According to Aberdeen, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.


The average user spends 88% more time on websites with video.


Users are 95% more likely to remember a call-to-action after watching a video compared to only 10% after reading text.


Facebook reports viewers spend triple the time watching video they do reading static content.


According to Forbes, 4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service than read about it.

Video For Marketing

As you can see from the stats above, VIDEO is going to be a huge part of your go-forward online marketing strategy.  

Video For Selling

Selling has changed.  Most sales professionals are missing their quotas.  We can fix that.  By providing an updated sales process, and new selling technologies including online video, sales professionals can dramatically increase sales results.

Video For Learning

One of the most powerful emerging applications for video is in learning.  Our powerful interactions and ability to build playlists and password protected videos take learning to the next level!

There's No Doubt About It, You Need Video

For Today and Tomorrow, For Online Marketing, Selling, and Learning, You NEED Video.  That Means You NEED a Better Video Hosting and Marketing Solution!

What's the Problem with YouTube?

YouTube is free.  That's great for you.  But they do make lots of money.  How they do it, isn't great for you.  They are in business to make money for themselves, not for you.  They make money by selling ads.  Those ads distract your viewers, lessening your viewers experience and satisfaction with your videos.  In other words, they are actively disengaging your viewers.  Worse yet, those ads also cause leakage, meaning your viewers will click and go elsewhere and take actions that take them away from you, your videos, your solutions, and your business.  That's right, they are intentionally sending your viewers elsewhere.  In addition to their ads, YouTube also runs "Related Videos" at the end of your video which also takes your viewers away from your videos.  Further, even if those issues weren't present on YouTube, the lack of powerful marketing features would still make it a less than ideal solution.  YouTube isn't the way most businesses should showcase their videos.  There's over 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute.  Don't get lost in the crowd.  YouTube is for watching silly cat videos, not for business.

The Problem with Other Video Hosting Solutions

Other premium video hosting solutions that are alternatives to YouTube solve the problem of ads and Related Videos that distract your viewers and cause leakage.  Unfortunately, they are typically expensive and slow to load.  Worse yet, they tend to be very weak on the marketing features you need to turn your videos into the lead-generating, sales-making  machines they have the potential to be.  In other words, these solutions are video hosting solutions, but not really video marketing solutions.  That's where we come in...

iBreakthrough Video: 

Built by Marketers, For Marketers

You're about to discover the ultimate video hosting and marketing solution!

iBreakthrough Video is Here!

Discover All of the Following Features in Our Video Tutorials Below:

Upload Video from URL, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Mobile App, Webcam, and more!

Make Real-Time Edits!

Customize the Player to Your Brand!

Set the Viewer Interactions from Full Screen Controls to Downloads, and More!

Add 360 Degree Video and Other Remarkable Control Features!

Add Images, Overlays, and Call-to-Action Buttons!

Add a Tap-to-Call Feature for Mobile!

Deliver Pre-Recorded Videos in a "Live" Scheduled Event!

Add Viewer Gates and Locks to Your Videos to Collect Leads and Payment!

Add Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Ads to Monetize Your Videos and Collaborate with Sponsors

Add On-Finish Actions to Take Your Viewers to Any URL Upon Video Completion!

Add Chapter Markers for Viewers to Navigate Your Videos Easily!

Publish Your Videos Anywhere - to Your Website, Social Media, and More!

Group Your Videos Together in Playlists!

Create Video Funnels and Quizzes!

Create Watch and Win Contests to Get More Views and Referrals!

The Video Tutorials

Watch the Video Tutorials Below to Learn More!

Add Your Video

You can add videos to the iBreakthrough Media Builder Studio easily via Upload, URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or other source, by our Mobile app, webcam, or by mass import.  We can also custom create great video for you!

Make Real Time Edits

Once videos are added, by whatever means, you can easily edit your videos.  Each video has it's own editing page so you can see the changes you're making in real time.

Style the Player

You can style your video player to your heart's content to desired color scheme, button styles, logo additions, and more to match your website or in any other way to suit your branding.

Set Viewer Interactions

You can customize the way your viewers interact with your video by hiding or showing player controls, timeline controls, full screen controls, and download video controls.  You can change how your video appears on social or in SEO, add subtitles, activate auto-play or auto-resume features, even enable 360 degree video controls, and more!

More Control Options

From auto-play to 360 video, the iBreakthrough Media Builder has it all.

Just check out some of these advanced options...

Add Images and Overlays

You can set images, overlays, and annotations to appear anywhere on your video timeline.  Each can also have a clickable call to action like, "Click here to purchase!" for example.


Our Tap-to-Call feature is great for those organization's who have audiences that are likely to watch their videos on their phone.  This features gives those users and easy way to call you simply by clicking on the phone icon that appears on your videos.

"LIVE" Streaming

After you've added a video to the iBreakthrough Media Studio, you can set the video to play at a specific time and date.  This gives the video a live webinar or conference feel.


You can add Locks to your video anywhere along the timeline.  Locks would require the viewer to unlock the video in some way if they want to watch it.  For example you could let the viewer watch the first 5 minutes of a video then have a lock appear.  The lock would require the viewer to opt-in by adding their email, or sms/phone #, or to share the video on social media, or to purchase it right inside the video's pay gate, or to enter a password - whatever you choose!

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll videos are great for content creators looking to sell advertising on their videos, those looking to collaborate with complementary businesses, or for those looking to promote their company or brand with a logo animation.

On-Finish Actions

With the iBreakthrough Media Studio, you can add customized On-Finish actions to your videos, taking your viewers to any url destination you want to take them to upon completion of the video.

Chapter Markers

Chapter Markers are like bookmarks within your video.  It makes it easy for your viewers to look on your timeline and see the markers you've created.  They can simply click on the marker to advance them to that time in the video.


The iBreakthrough Media Studio offers you several simple ways to publish your content.  You can embed your content on your website, you can generate video previews of your content to send in your emails for receivers to click on and watch your videos.  You can share your videos to your social networks.  And finally, you can generate an embed code that would allow your video to be played in a pop-up window on your site.


You can compile several videos into a customizable playlist.  You can style the playlist to your branding.  You can also customize how the viewer will interact with the playlist with features like auto play and visible/invisible playlists, etc.

Funnels and Quizzes

Now you can turn your videos into funnels and quizzes!  Simply set a question and provide a set of answers from which the viewer can choose.  For every answer, set an action like "Jump to new video" or "Jump to time in video" or "Keep playing video" or "Redirect to URL" 


Encourage your viewers to watch your video by building a contest right inside.  Viewers will enter their name and email address to watch the video and they'll be entered into a drawing for a prize.  They'll also be prompted to share the video at it's conclusion to earn more entries in the drawing.  Contests are a great way to generate more views and referrals!

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