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Add Your Video

You can add videos to the iBreakthrough Media Builder Studio easily via Upload, URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or other source, by our Mobile app, webcam, or by mass import.  We can also custom create great video for you!

Make Real Time Edits

Once videos are added, by whatever means, you can easily edit your videos.  Each video has it's own editing page so you can see the changes you're making in real time.

Style the Player

You can style your video player to your heart's content to desired color scheme, button styles, logo additions, and more to match your website or in any other way to suit your branding.

Set Viewer Interactions

You can customize the way your viewers interact with your video by hiding or showing player controls, timeline controls, full screen controls, and download video controls.  You can change how your video appears on social or in SEO, add subtitles, activate auto-play or auto-resume features, even enable 360 degree video controls, and more!

More Control Options

From auto-play to 360 video, the iBreakthrough Media Builder has it all.

Just check out some of these advanced options...

Add Images and Overlays

You can set images, overlays, and annotations to appear anywhere on your video timeline.  Each can also have a clickable call to action like, "Click here to purchase!" for example.


Our Tap-to-Call feature is great for those organization's who have audiences that are likely to watch their videos on their phone.  This features gives those users and easy way to call you simply by clicking on the phone icon that appears on your videos.

"LIVE" Streaming

After you've added a video to the iBreakthrough Media Studio, you can set the video to play at a specific time and date.  This gives the video a live webinar or conference feel.


You can add Locks to your video anywhere along the timeline.  Locks would require the viewer to unlock the video in some way if they want to watch it.  For example you could let the viewer watch the first 5 minutes of a video then have a lock appear.  The lock would require the viewer to opt-in by adding their email, or sms/phone #, or to share the video on social media, or to purchase it right inside the video's pay gate, or to enter a password - whatever you choose!

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll videos are great for content creators looking to sell advertising on their videos, those looking to collaborate with complementary businesses, or for those looking to promote their company or brand with a logo animation.

On-Finish Actions

With the iBreakthrough Media Studio, you can add customized On-Finish actions to your videos, taking your viewers to any url destination you want to take them to upon completion of the video.

Chapter Markers

Chapter Markers are like bookmarks within your video.  It makes it easy for your viewers to look on your timeline and see the markers you've created.  They can simply click on the marker to advance them to that time in the video.


The iBreakthrough Media Studio offers you several simple ways to publish your content.  You can embed your content on your website, you can generate video previews of your content to send in your emails for receivers to click on and watch your videos.  You can share your videos to your social networks.  And finally, you can generate an embed code that would allow your video to be played in a pop-up window on your site.


You can compile several videos into a customizable playlist.  You can style the playlist to your branding.  You can also customize how the viewer will interact with the playlist with features like auto play and visible/invisible playlists, etc.

Funnels and Quizzes

Now you can turn your videos into funnels and quizzes!  Simply set a question and provide a set of answers from which the viewer can choose.  For every answer, set an action like "Jump to new video" or "Jump to time in video" or "Keep playing video" or "Redirect to URL" 


Encourage your viewers to watch your video by building a contest right inside.  Viewers will enter their name and email address to watch the video and they'll be entered into a drawing for a prize.  They'll also be prompted to share the video at it's conclusion to earn more entries in the drawing.  Contests are a great way to generate more views and referrals!


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