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iBreakthrough's Local Business Solutions Drive New Customers Through Your Doors, Get Them Coming Back for More and Bringing Their Friends With Them!


We've traveled the world for 20 years working with major corporations, providing training and consulting to help them achieve competitive advantage.  The world has changed.  Technology has too.  Although we still travel and work with our clients face-to-face, we are now a digital-first consultancy with the ability to deliver the highest-quality solutions without ever getting on a plane, saving our clients money and time while giving them instant, on-demand access to the solutions they need.  This accelerates their ability to learn and execute which makes for a tremendous competitive advantage.  We call that a breakthrough.  Our clients do too.  Achieve your breakthrough at iBreakthrough today!


Organizations with 50-500 employees can benefit greatly from iBreakthrough's online solutions.  Our core competencies generally fall outside of what has been established in organizations of this size, and are perfectly suited for outsourcing to a trusted partner.  Our online marketing, training, and coaching solutions can help mid-sized companies to change the game and to win the game in their competitive markets!


For small businesses iBreakthrough is essentially a growth factory.  Our online marketing solutions dramatically increase leads, site visitors, and customers for small manufacturers and other product companies.  With this growth, often comes the need to better train your people.  iBreakthrough's online learning solutions can make learning both efficient and effective.  Most importantly, iBreakthrough's online coaching solutions provide organizational leaders with the insight and expert resource they need to navigate their way to increased profitability and greater overall success!

Word of Mouth

For businesses catering to a local client base including restaurants, retailers, realtors, service providers, and more iBreakthrough's online marketing solutions can significantly increase your number of new customers and clients.  Our word-of-mouth solutions including video testimonials, referral campaigns, and SMS/text messaging can also help you turn first-time customers into frequently visiting lifetime customers and inspire your happy customers to share your business with others!  Not only can we help you grow your business, but our online learning solutions can help to develop a great team around you.  Of course our online coaching programs will help get you on the right path as a business owner and support your continued success in your local community.  Find the breakthrough you've been looking for in your local business at iBreakthrough today!


As Americans we're passionate about entrepreneurship and have tremendous respect for those who believe so much in their idea that they're willing to grind to make it happen.  We're grinders too.  That's why we've launched iBreakthrough's Start-Up Lab.  Start-Up Lab is like an online incubator helping to launch and grow promising new enterprises.  As both technology-based entrepreneurs and seasoned Fortune 500 consultants, we're uniquely positioned to support your success.  If you're an entrepreneur, you already know you're looking for a breakthrough.  You found one right here at!  Learn more about our Start-Up Lab below...

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