Activate Selling:

Optimize Your Sales Organization

Fill Your Pipelines.  Make More Sales. Maximize Your Profits.

The Problem

More than half of all sales professionals are failing to meet their quotas.  In many significant ways selling has changed and sales professionals simply aren't keeping up.

The Solution

Activate Selling combines consulting, training, coaching, and powerful sales technologies to optimize your sales process and maximize results for your sales professionals.


We begin our sales improvement initiative with a complete assessment of your sales organization.  We'll provide you with a snapshot of the current state of your sales efforts and a plan for taking your team to the next level including any pre-launch pilot or testing programs.


Our Sales Improvement Plan will include recommendations on how to update and optimize the sales process.


For some sales organizations, we'll introduce new technologies as part of the sales process to enable more qualified leads into the top of the funnel and more efficient advancement through the funnel.


With our assessment complete and our improvement plan in place, we'll begin training your team in Activate Selling.  Training can be done in person, online, or in a blended format.


We'll monitor key results throughout your sales funnel to ensure we're optimizing and continuing to improve your sales results.


We'll provide ongoing one-on-one, and small-group coaching to your sales leaders and team members on an ongoing basis for continuous results improvement.

Course Center

For some organizations, we'll build a customized version of our online Course Center for your organization.  The Course Center can be branded to your organization and filled with gamified online courses for your sales team and other key members of your organization.  

The Online Course

Experience the Activate Selling Online now.  It's available on-demand.  Simply click on the button below to get started!

The Book

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